Help for our foreign friends [by SanDa!me]

Here, the english speaking spinners will find the classical forum rules translated in english.
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Help for our foreign friends [by SanDa!me]

Message par Romain » dim. sept. 09, 2007 12:55 pm

A "how to use the forum" by Sandaime, FPSB member

Hello everyone, with my friend Picool, we want to direct you within our forum for more comprehension, etc... and for this reason, we will give you some useful links. And we will translate some rules so you can be well integrated in this forum.

1 - Don't post a message if its contents are not useful for the progress of the discussion. Also take care that your messages are comprehensible and do not include SMS speach.

2 - Don't insult or offend other members. If you have a problem with another member, find an arrangement using private messages or speak about this problem to a moderator.

3 - Do not post in and old and/or inactive post, unless you are bringing new information or contributing usefully to the discussion.

4 - Post your subjects and messages in the good parts of the forum.

5 - Make sure that the contents of your messages don't shock or offend any other member. Avoid violent or pornographic images/videos.

6 - Do not create more than one account. Only one account is authorized by user. If you are banned, you do not have the right to re-register.

7 - Don't post only to increase your post count.

Now, translations of the various categories of the forum :

Rules [important]
Members are demanded to read and agree with the rules written within this forum. Non the compliance with these rules will be sanctioned.

Information and announcements
You can read the latest news about the French Pen Spinning Board here.

The forum and you: suggestions, problems, comments…
If you find a problem or if you have a problem, a comment or a suggestion about the forum, this is where you can post it.

Presentation of new members
You are a new Pen spinner? Come to present yourself here! It is not a rule, but it helps other members to know you more.

French Pen Spinning websites
Discuss here about French-speaking pen spinning websites.

Foreign Pen Spinning websites
Discuss here about foreign pen spinning websites.

Tricks and combos, general forum
You will find here, without being able to post, all the fundamental topics about tricks and combos.

Fundamental Tricks and combos
You can discuss here of the fundamental tricks and combos: Charge, FingerPass, Sonic et ThumbAround.

Advanced Tricks and combos
You can discuss here about advanced tricks and combos.

Pens, general forum
You will find here, without being able to post, all the important pen-related topics.

Tutorials, reviews and discussions on the pens
If you've created a specially modified pen, you can come and share it with us. You will be able to post questions in connection with the creation of modified pens.

You can speak here about other things concerning pens, especially inserts.

Trading, purchasing and selling
Important note: any problem or complaint about this forum is not allowed since it is a mess. Any talk about this to a moderator will be punished.

A combo of Pen Spinning can have an different effects according to the angle from which it is filmed and other various elements. Discuss all this here.

Here you can discuss about all that relates to Pen Spinning and which does not have its place in the other forums.

You can organize Meetings for the whole of France (but may not be many candidates for Beaumont-Verdunois ...)

Official battles
In this section will be held all the officially recognized titanic battles!

Battle various
Here will be held all the special battles like battles of moding, copying of videos, etc…

Here will be held all the tournaments, within the board or inter-board.

In this section, you will be able to take part in the various pen spinning games, either Tack-Ons, continuous games, or others.

Collabs official of the FPSB
Here are posted videos collaborations official of the FPSB, whether exclusively French or international.

Collabs non-official of the FPSB
Here are posted videos collaborations non-official of the FPSB. This means any organized collaboration between members.

Foreign collabs
Here are posted videos collaborations from other countries, other communities or collaborations of international order.

Videos of members FPSB
Here are the videos from members of our beautiful French community.

Videos of foreign members
Here you can view videos of members from other boards

Your videos
In this forum, each member, beginner or experimented, will be able to open a topic with his name and post his videos in it, only short videos are allowed.

Pen Spinning
Forum of discussion of Pen Spinning reserved to the members of the Wammy' s House group [temporary name].

Forum of discussion of various subjects reserved to the members of the Wammy' s House group [temporary name].

Useful links :

Trading, purchasing or selling pens

White List

Black List

Advide about trading pens

Post pics of your mods here

Ask questions about pens here

List of the forum tutorials

Tutorials video mods

Come to present yourself here

Phewww, it is finished. There, I hope I've helped you. If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact a moderator or myself.

Good day and good surfing on FPSB !

SanDa!me and Picool
Correction by Ephem and ThunderCrash